Free Guided Walk of Leiden Sat 1 October

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Over the last few months, The LDE Centre for Global Heritage and Development has offered several free guided walks to discover Leiden and its hidden gems. These guided tours are part of Leiden 2022 City of Science.

The public response has been enthusiastic, with over 100 participants. To celebrate this initiative, the LDE Centre for Global Heritage and Development is offering one more free walk on Leiden, on Saturday 1 October at 11:00

This guided walk is a great opportunity to discover one of the most charming towns in the Netherlands, city of books, breeding ground for innovative science and Nobel laureates and - last but not least - home to the oldest university in the country.

To join us on this free walk, you need to sign up - details as follows:

Please note: the walking tour will run with a minimum of 5 participants and a maximum of 15.  A comfort break will take place during the tour, as required.