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Den Haag

Part of our heritage has a troubled or dualistic character. This can also be said about the Atlantikwall. This defensive line was constructed by Nazi-Germany during the Second World War and stretched from Norway to Spain, passing right through the cities of The Hague and Scheveningen situated on the Dutch coast. Within the city and in the memories of its inhabitants, the traces of this line can still be experienced. Public opinion about what to do with (parts of) the Atlantikwall is divided. 

The municipality of The Hague, the Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Centre for Global Heritage and Development, and Wageningen University have therefore decided to join forces to study the importance and development potential of the Atlantikwall for The Hague. University researchers, students and various local stakeholders will actively be involved. In recent times, there is much more attention for defining heritage more broadly and inclusively, with local citizens being explicitly asked why and how they want to preserve their heritage. Together they will work on the Atlantikwall in transdisciplinary groups during an intensive workshop week in May. 

For more information regarding the Atlantikwall, please visit the Atlanktikwall website and the website for Atlantikwall Museum.


Students walking along the Atlantikwall route in the Hague