Seminar Contested Heritage

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National Museum of Antiquities (a.o)

>>Please note that this event is depending on COVID-19 regulations. Chances are that this event will be postponed

The Centre for Global Heritage and Development together with the Museums, Collections and Society Chairgroup (Faculty of Humanities, Leiden University) organize a four day seminar  on the topic of contested heritage.

Many heritage and museum discussions are now centered around contested heritage. Various (minority) groups appropiate heritage and collections, and even monopolize the right to say something sensible about it. These sentiments run contrarory to the dominant discourse of the 19th and 20th centuries, in which western scholars were seen as beholding the ‘ultimate truth’ in interpreting heritage and collections.

The present discussion on the contested nature of objects is the subject of a small-scale seminar in Leiden, in September 2021. 

It is the intention to present theoretical analyses and case-studies in short presentations (20-25 minutes) and discuss these papers with the participants. It is most likely that we will have to choose a hybrid approach, partly real-life, partly digital. The idea is that at least all speakers are present in Leiden. The program, including speakers and exact locations and dates, will be communicated here as soon as possible. 

As a framework we propose to address the subject of contested heritage in terms of identity, resentment and ownership.


Francis Fukuyama – Identity. Contemporary Identity Politics and the Struggle for Recognition, 2018.