Collaborative Filmmaking Approaches in Archaeology, Heritage and Development

Start date
End date
Athens (tbd)

The conference/workshop held in Leiden in October 2018 helped create a network of researchers and students interested in exploring the intersections between archaeology, heritage, and development studies with audiovisual tools. Since filmmaking is both a reflection and a projection of the self and the other, most of the discussions engaged the inter-subjectivity of filmmaking and collaborative praxis as an ethical strategy to cope with these issues were central topics. Apart from that, basic training was provided for students, who had the opportunity to conduct a filming exercise at Leiden’s market, achieving splendid results.

A second workshop is now scheduled, but this time in Athens, under the sponsorship of the Dutch Institute in Athens, as well as the Centre for Global Heritage and Development. There will be a one week intensive workshop, in which students from Archaeology, Visual Ethnography, Heritage, and Development from Dutch universities (Leiden, Delft, Rotterdam) will have the opportunity to pair up with local students, get training in audiovisual tools as well as collaborative strategies with local stakeholders. In particular, we will focus on the relationships between Athens’ dwellers and their archaeological heritage, as well as with archaeology in general. As one of the major archaeological attractions of the world, the city receives almost 30 million tourists every year, affecting the livelihoods of locals. In particular, we shall focus on their relationship with archaeologists, archaeological projects, excavations, and heritage. The workshop will consist of full hands-on theoretical and methodological training during the week and will include screenings and discussions during the last day.

Logistical details:

Date: October 2019, exact dates need to be determined!

Venue: Dutch Institute in Athens

Number of students: 13

More information will soon follow!