Visiting Scholars

By Paul Arps from The Netherlands - Sunset view on Oude Vest (Leiden, Netherlands 2016), CC BY 2.0

UPDATE August 2021:  COVID-measures are being loosened in the Netherlands, and staff is gradually returning to office. We hope to be able to resume the Visitor Scholar Programme from January 2022 onwards. 

The Centre for Global Heritage and Development wants to stimulate international academic networks and for this reason we offer the possibility for visiting scholars to work at our Centre for a short period of time. We can host a maximum of two visiting scholars at a time for a maximum of one academic year. Visitors are expected to contribute to local academic life, through contacts with staff and affiliated scholars and with a presentation of their research. We welcome applications by PhD candidates and postdoctoral fellows, as well as those holding the rank of assistant professor, associate professor or full professor. We also cater for Erasmus + Mobility students. It is a non-degree programme, in which your legal status will be equivalent to 'guest employee'.

Since we want to make your stay as comfortable, pleasant and fruitful as possible we request a reasonable fee for hosting you. This fee depends on the level of organization and the services that are requested from your side. This varies from (co-)organizing (international) travel,  accommodation, seminars, exhibitions, meet and greets with high level academics to site seeing in the Netherlands. The Centre for Global Heritage and Development cannot financially support visitors in any way.

If you are interested to be hosted at the Centre for Global Heritage and Development, please send the following documents to for Mara de Groot: 


  1. A cover letter containing the project title of the proposed research, the planned dates of the visit, and a statement of motivation explaining why the Centre for Global Heritage and Development is the preferred host institution; 
  2. A research plan (400-800 words)
  3. A curriculum vitae
  4. A letter of reference or recommendation (not required)


After preliminary admission you will be asked to fill in an intake form. Next you will be contacted by one of our staff with a quote. A contract will be signed if both parties come to a final agreement. 

We are looking forward to host you in Leiden!