Mara de Groot participates in 2018 Flanders Inspires International Visitors Program

Mara de Groot has been invited by the Flemish Government to join the 2018 Flanders Inspires International Visitors Program (FIIVP, Oct 22-26) on the conservation and management of cultural heritage.

Objectives of the FIIVP are:

- a general introduction to Flanders, based on the brand policy;

- a deeper introduction to a number of core domains;

- information about specific political, economic, scientific and cultural themes;

- adjust or strengthen the perception of Flanders;

- encouraging collaboration in certain policy areas or projects.

The guests receive an in-depth and multidisciplinary acquaintance with a number of core areas in which Flanders is innovative and groundbreaking (Collections care and conservation: new technologies, adaptive re-use and sustainability, Flemish Masters and Architecture & heritage). The themes of the FIIVP are related to the ambitious long-term policy goals of the Government of Flanders. These central topics are always developed from a specific technical area. Encounters with key figures from the private and public sector, visits to leading companies and strategic research institutes, acquaintance with a number of aspects of the Flemish lifestyle and culture, should provide guests with a contemporary and correct view of Flanders today and of tomorrow.

In addition to the specific policy themes, topics are discussed that are in line with the professional activities of the guests, so that they are also informed of opportunities that transcend their technical domain and can build up first-line contacts. By receiving guests in small and exclusive groups, the FIIVP is meant to create additional opportunities for future cooperation in certain policy areas or projects through enriching contacts and inspiring experiences.

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