Re-Scape Colloquium

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The Centre for Global Heritage and Development (Leiden University, Delft Technical University and Erasmus University Rotterdam) and the VU Amsterdam research institute CLUE+ organize the Re-Scape colloquia for young researchers and graduate students,  to be inspired by experienced academics, learn from each other by sharing knowledge and progress on their own research. However focused on students and researchers, the colloquia are open to anyone with interest in the theme of heritage and environment. 

This Re-Scape is scheduled for February 1st in Leiden. Our guest speaker will be Dolly Jorgensen. More information (title and abstract, exact location) will follow shortly. 

Location: to be decided (Faculty of Archaeology, Van Steenis building, Einsteinweg 2 in Leiden)

Time: 13.30-17.00

Registration is not required.