Workshop on Re-Printing Architectural Heritage

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Terrorism and decay raises a numerous questions about the preservation of famous monuments and about the documentation of its various stages. 3D printing may not offer itself for full-scale rebuilding, but this technology has unique potentials for recreating the appearance of the interior or exterior of buildings. This project brings together scholars from three departments of TU Delft all with their own expertise in 3D printing or the assessment and development of heritage. These multidisciplinary academic scholars join forces with several private companies and the Mauritshuis to explore the potential of a reconstruction of the original state of the ‘Golden Room’ (1718) through a thin-layer 3D reprint of a section of this room. This room is effectively an art work in which paintings, architectural and sculptural elements together form an ensemble. The 3D model will be used for future discussion of the technology and societal influence as well as to the scale up and the production of a larger section or the entire room.

This workshop is a stage for a conversation among scholars, policy-makers, heritage scholars and companies to contextualize this type of reproduction, its potential and challenges.